A poker-based puzzle crawler.

Battle an interdimensional beast with poker hands.
Made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 41.

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Rules & Controls

  • Click on tiles adjacent to you to move there – diagonally as well!
  • Pick up cards by moving on them
  • Build 5-card poker hands then attack the beast
  • The higher the poker hand the more damage you do
  • The beast attacks you every 3 turns
  • Moving through portals gets you a fresh deal of cards

Post-jam release changelog


  • Fixed a poker hand evaluation bug


  • Added HTML version
  • Fixed game breaking bug: clicking on the title screen multiple times makes game unlosable
  • UX fixes:
    • Attack arrow shouldn’t stay after losing cards in a portal
    • Short pause before win/loss screen fade so it’s possible to parse what happened


Windows, 32-bit 11 MB
macOS, Universal 16 MB

Development log


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I died on a healing potion.


More random than tactical, but otherwise a fun little addictive game!


This should definitely go mobile!


Victory should give extra coins for life remaining so as to discourage leaving the boss at 1 hp to go run around grabbing coins, probably.


Hello! I loved your game, it was super fun to play despite me not actually winning (though I did come very close!) and the art style was awesome as well as just having such a neat concept! I made a let's play of your game here~

Thanks so much for playing! ❤️

You're most welcome! :)