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Procedural open world ARPG/roguelite
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Gameplay is highly incomplete. All feedback is much welcome, especially regarding controls, usability, and gamefeel.

For occasional behind the scenes posts, follow me @hellobalint on Twitter.


  • Arrow keys for movement
  • X key for action
  • 1-2-3 number keys or C key to switch tools
  • P key to change player character color (no effect on gameplay)
  • Ctrl-Q or Cmd-Q to quit (no saving yet, sorry)

You can set up a controller in the Configuration window's Input tab.

Alpha 1 features

  • Procedurally generated, endless overworld
  • 11 biomes
  • 5 enemies and basic combat
  • Collectible gems as a rudimentary high score mechanic
  • Health pickups
  • 3 tools to hack and slash with (sword, hatchet, pickaxe)
  • Destructible environment
  • Basic sounds

Known issues

  • Tools sometimes get stuck when repeatedly pressing the action key/button fast
  • Performance might degrade over time
  • Sometimes enemies try to leave visible world chunks and get killed off-screen to avoid further issues
  • In rare cases some enemies and items disappear as you approach them

Major planned features

  • Multilevel dungeons & caves (Alpha 2)
  • Magical artifacts
  • A variety of enemies with different attack patterns
  • Procedural, context-dependent music

This game is in a very early stage. I've been working on it since 2016 but I've mostly been tackling technical things, and creating a framework for all the content I have planned. In its current state the game is fairly shallow, more a proof of concept than anything, but I now have a solid base to build more mechanics on. I'm working on the game by myself alongside a full-time (non-gamedev) job.

The exact end result I want to achieve is still very much in planning — the things I'm most decided on in the game are the kinds of emotions I want to evoke in players. Wonder, excitement, the sense of exploring an unknown world, gaining more confidence as you journey through a varied landscape. The rest will unfold as I go.

I intend to keep the game free as long as it's in alpha. Donations welcome!

PS: Yes, there's a way to get rid of ghosts.  👻

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Windows, 32-bit 11 MB
macOS, Universal 16 MB
Linux, 64-bit 17 MB


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it is adorable and accessible, i instantly love everything about it!  

i caught myself writing extra long comment, had to email you since you're welcoming feedback

to anyone reading i strongly recommend giving this game a try — after launching it you'll ask yourself how come there's zero (or so little) games that start like this one.

literally the most intriguing draft of the game i've encountered on itchio to date, with possibilities to birth hypercasual flappy-birdlike roguelike, party game with local coop, nerdy endless open-world obsession or all of the above )


hey buddy! I really really love the Horizon mechanic, so much that I’d love to do something similar in a Roguelike I’m making, I wanted to ask if you were okay with me re creating it though first. I can give credit to you somewhere for the inspiration if I ever finish the project. 


Hi! I'm certainly not the first one to use this effect (perhaps the first in a game with this kind of aesthetic) :) I appreciate you asking and I would also appreciate the shoutout <3 Good luck with your project!

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Well your game is definitely the first one I’ve seen that looks that good! And I’ve never really seen it done in a top down game like that, it is a very striking effect. Thank you!


hey man, I love that game so much especially that effect with the horizon. As I game developer myself I need to know how you did this! Do you mind explaining how you made that effect?


I'm looking at the positions of sprites on the Y axis, and I manipulate them once they cross the horizon. As soon as they do, I take their distance from the horizon and add it to their actual position with an opposite sign. So stuff that should be moving upwards the screen will start moving down the screen once they pass the horizon.

I also use the distance from the horizon to slow down the movement as they get farther so the movement is not linear, which makes the dip feel more like a curved surface instead of an edge.

Hope this helps! Thank you for the comment :)


Thank you so much!

I really like the horizon in a top down game. Great idea! I hope this game is still  being made.

Thank you! It is being made, albeit quite slowly. I’ve been doing dev streams twice a week over at https://twitch.tv/balintmagyar Though I’m taking a break right now— I’ll be back on air soon :)


thanks for exist 

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I love what you did with the horizon. Being able to see the sky gives the game so much life. The horizon thing really works. It makes me hope that i will suddenly see the silhouette of a tower in the distance, or the lovely shapes of dark and abandoned ruins, so i keep exploring.

Right now backwards feels like downwards. I would love to have control over the "camera" and "turn the horizon around" to look backwards.  (controlled by a different set of keys, so that i doesn't turn the whole night sky around in a split second as soon as you press the down key ).It would give a feeling of a much bigger world.

 If maybe there could be a compass for a sense of direction? (at the bottom of the screen, so it doesn't get in the way of the beautiful sky)

i think that would be cool additions, if its at all possible. 

I love the atmosphere


Thanks so much for the feedback! It really helps me understand why people are drawn to the concept. You'll have to be a bit more patient for the next release while I figure out some technical difficulties, but the project is definitely not dead!


Take your time, im checking in now and then :)


this game is great and has alot of potential, i think adding a few rpg elements would really give it more vigarus gameplay, like an inventory you can fill with items( mabey a crafting system to boot), and mabey some skills (like a roll to dodge) or mabey a magic system(if you'd want). and also itd probably be good to add more weapons like bows, spears, ect and mabey if you have deoungeons or somthing the treatsure of the dungeons could be weapons  that have certain effects.  srry...im sorta gushing over your game ... the last thing is that the world is kinda lonely itd probally be cool if there was some sprt of npc(s) that could fight with you if you could get them too, or have towns were you can buy stuff with the gems.


Thanks a lot for your feedback! Many of the things you mentioned are in my extremely large pile of ideas — we will have to see where the game takes us. :)


This has massive potential, I would love to see more different randomly spawning things, like shrines and chests.


Thank you! Progress is slow and…unsteady. :|


This game looks amazing, I hope you continue working on it :)


Hello, Bálint! Thank you for the game. I've made a review of the Way Beyond and talked about procedural generation in general. It's in Russian, but I thought that it'd be important for you as the creator to know that it exists, anyway


I would love to know what you're discussing in this video. Any chance for captions? :)


Record is 83. Can't wait to see where this game goes.


I'd like to see where this goes. Good jobs so far.


very nice concept what is it made with? 

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With love I guess :'P <3 (Made in Unity)


Great work my dude good luck with your project.


hey friend I loved your game, I see good potential to jugeo

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I'm loving it so much! The terrain generation is really cool! So much potential! Really good job! <3

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This game has high potential, love every bit of it so far,  Good luck! <3